Color Descriptions

  • What is the difference between Natural and Ivory colors?

    Our Natural color option is untouched and undyed cotton that will show the beautiful “freckles,” or remnants of cotton seeds. Our Ivory color, on the other hand, is dyed a solid, creamy, off-white color. You can learn more about natural vs. ivory in our blog entry!

  • How would you describe the different colors Boll & Branch offers?

    • White: a classic, bright white
    • Ivory: a creamy, warm off-white
    • Natural: a perfectly imperfect shade of undyed cotton, with natural, brown specs of the cotton plant visible
    • Shore: a demure and sophisticated light blue with hints of light, cool grey
    • Pewter: a warm light grey; greys can tend to have undertones of other colors in them (when we describe a warm grey, this means it has an earthy, brown undertone…not a cool (blue undertone)
    • Stone: a rich, warm, dark grey (slate grey)
    • Navy: a true rich, dark blue color
  • What baby colors do Boll & Branch offer?

    • Petal- sweet light pink, in certain lights, it is more in a pinkish/peach color family (not bright pink)
    • Sky- true baby blue (light blue), it does not really have hints of grey in it
    • Sweet Grey- true soft light grey for baby
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